Oracle Smart View Error After Applying Analytic Provider Services (APS) Patch

  • Date: May 4, 2016
  • Article by: Joe Malewicki

After applying Analytics Provider Services Patch Set Update (PSU) we can no longer perform an adhoc analysis to an Essbase application.  The following error is thrown inside of Microsoft Excel with the Smart View add-in:
Oracle Smart View for Office
Screen Shot of Error:
To confirm if there is an issue with the Provider Services (APS) patch you can run a test to confirm the version details for the Provider Services JAPI:
The version of Analytic Provider Services should match the JAPI version.  Our test showed a discrepancy:
Analytic Provider Services – Release , JAPI
This issue is being caused by the ess_japi.jar file being a “Read-Only” file. When the new patch was applied it could not update this file.
To correct the issue, use the following procedure:
Shut down ALL Oracle EPM/Hyperion services or processes.  If you don’t have a system wide stop/start script, check out our earlier post on creating this such item!  How To Create Microsoft Windows EPM/Hyperion Start and Stop Scripts
Once all services are down, locate and change the file system properties at the EssbaseJavaAPI folder level, right-click and deselect “Read-Only.”
De-select “Read-only” and click “Apply.”
Click “OK”
Click “OK”
Open an Administrator Windows command prompt (cmd.exe using right-click “Run as Administrator”).
Then you want to rollback the Analytic Provider Services (APS) Patch:
For example:

opatch.bat rollback -id 22204266 -oh F:OracleMiddlewareEPMSystem11R1 -jdk F:OracleMiddlewarejdk160_35

Type “y” when prompted and press <enter>.
This would be an appropriate time to go back and confirm that the ess_japi.jar is no longer set to “Read-Only.”  If it is, re-apply the same steps noted above for changing the parent folder and all sub folders/items to be “non-read only.”
Open an Administrator Windows command prompt (cmd.exe using right-click “Run as Administrator”).
Re-apply the Analytic Provider Services (APS) Patch

opatch.bat apply F:OracleMiddlewareEPMSystem11R1OPatch22204266 -oh F:OracleMiddlewareEPMSystem11R1 -jre F:OracleMiddlewarejdk160_35

Type “y” and press <enter>.
Delete all of the contents of the tmp and cache directories for the APS server(s) under the WebLogic Domain.  Do NOT remove the tmp and cache folders themselves, just delete the contents.
Sample locations:


Restart All Oracle EPM/Hyperion System services.
The above procedures should be performed on ALL servers which are hosting Analytics Provider Services (APS) within the affected Oracle EPM /Hyperion System environment(s).
Test your Analytics Provider Services (APS) URL again:
The version of Analytic Provider Services should now match the JAPI version.
Analytic Provider Services – Release , JAPI
Re-test the Smart View connection and perform an adhoc connection to an Essbase application.  The error should no longer be present and the query should work.
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