EPM 11.2.x FDMEE OHS Configuration Updates

  • Date: July 27, 2021
  • Article by: Jeff Henkel

In EPM 11.2.x, you may find that you see timeouts in batch jobs that still successfully complete, or you may find the browser returning http 503 errors when FDMEE jobs run long.  

A look at the FDMEE Process Details log will reveal an error such as: HTTPError: HTTP Error 503: Service Unavailable

When this happens, you will need to update the mod_wl_ohs.conf file for OHS.  There are a couple of different Oracle Doc IDs that mention different settings to update, but by default the setting for FDMEE are essentially blank (unlike other EPM products, this one just has the server redirect information and no tuning).  In case you don’t know where this file is, it’s usually located at:  \Oracle\Middleware\user_projects\Foundation1\httpConfig\ohs\config\fmwconfig\components\OHS\ohs_component

The values to add are below, and go into the sections for:

  • <LocationMatch ^/aif>
  • <LocationMatch ^/aif/static>
  • <LocationMatch ^/oraclediagent>

The values to add to the the above sections are:

  • WLIOTimeoutSecs 60000
  • Idempotent OFF
  • WLSocketTimeoutSecs 6000
  • WLForwardUriUnparsed ON
  • KeepAliveEnabled ON
  • KeepAliveSecs 20
  • DynamicServerList OFF

Once that is done, OHS needs to be restarted and all FDMEE process should complete and users will stop seeing the browser side warnings and the process batch failures in FDMEE Process Details.

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