The iArch Solutions “EPM Recovery System” delivers a fully supported, highly secure, cost effective Backup and Recovery solution to protect your critical financial system from any unexpected outage. Our “Service as a Software” approach to development inspired us to create this next generation application to help protect and get your vital EPM system back up and running with minimal to no loss of data and time.

The EPMRS can be deployed in Backup mode and/or Restore mode to allow maximum flexibility in addressing each of our customers critical data protection and recovery needs. Leverage the EPMRS in Backup mode to confidently create a rolling COLD state copy of your entire Oracle EPM System of applications. Enable the Restore mode and you now have the ability of push button migrations between environments or better yet, an offsite replication option for true protection with a stand-by Disaster Recovery solution.



Security First.

  • Stores all credentials securely in an encrypted format.
  • Hidden user accounts and information.
  • Securely signed code.
  • Runs as an isolated service account for auditing your server access.

Flexibility is a must.

  • Fully configurable backup and restore task sequencing.
  • Easily customizable. Add/remove applications with a few simple steps.
  • Complete “Lights-Out” or Manual backup & restore ability.
  • Uses clients own SOP’s for scheduling of jobs.
  • Supports Full and/or Incremental backup/restore tasks.
  • Both a graphical and command line interface.

Fully Supported.

  • Doesn’t void Oracle’s software usage license agreement
  • No modifications to any vendor supplied code
  • Implements Oracle’s own backup and migration tools to ensure a successful and fully supported backup/restore.
  • Uses industry standard
  • Full implementation and update support.

Cost Effective.

  • No extra software required
  • Multiple license options. Pay for what you need.

Information you need and “where” you want it.

  • Advanced logging for all backup and recovery tasks in a definable location.
  • Customizable E-mail notifications.

Little extras included.

  • Full license for EPM Control.
  • Ability to backup/restore non-Hyperion files and directories.
  • Execute your own MSQL Server or Oracle database scripts.
  • Hands-on training on using this great piece of software!
  • Full deployment and technical reference documentation.
  • 3 months of backup and restore support for your implementation.

Supports Full Backup and Restore of the following items:

Oracle EPM/Hyperion Applications and Artifacts:

Essbase ASO

Essbase BSO


Financial Management


Reporting & Analysis


Calculation Manager


Relational Databases:

Microsoft SQL Server 2008/2012

Oracle RDBMS 11g/12c

Non-Hyperion files and directories