OWSM Blog Part 2 – Installation and Configuration of DRM Web Services API with Oracle EPM 11.2

  • Date: January 6, 2021
  • Article by: Brad Spelman

Many of the guides for setting up DRM Web Services API deal with configuration of older versions of WebLogic than what comes with Oracle EPM 11.2 . The EPM 11.2 documentation ‘Deployment Options Guide’ is a fine document but has no screen shots. The other DRM documents out there either say ‘look at these other documents’ (many of which were not yet updated to show WebLogic 12c navigation) or are written for the WebLogic 11 server menus. This document generally follows the Oracle EPM 11.2 DOG.

Part 2, DRM API Deployment 

In Part 1, we showed the installation configuration and deployment of OWSM to the Foundation Services server. Continuing the series, we will get the DRM Webservices API up and running, also on the Foundation Services server. This guide assumes you have already set up your DRM application and Hyperion’s Foundation Services and WebLogic Admin Server console are running. 

In the server where you installed DRM, you will find a file ‘oracle-epm-drm-webservices.ear’ . Copy this file to a location accessible by your WebLogic Admin Server. Sign in to the WebLogic Administrator Console port 7001/console. Click ‘Lock & Edit’ . 

Now sign in to Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control 12c port 7001/em

You may note this version of EM looks different from that which was included in previous versions of Oracle EPM. The steps pictured below are for the 12c version shipped with Oracle EPM 11.2.x. 

On the left-hand side, click the WebLogic Domain drop-down menu and select ‘Deployments’

Click on the Deployment drop-down and select ‘Deploy’

Select ‘Archive or exploded directory is on the server where Enterprise Manager is running’ and click ‘Browse’

Find the location where you copied the oracle-epm-drm-webservices.ear file to, click ‘OK’

Set the remainder of the options on the page:

Deployment Plan: Select ‘Create a new deployment plan when deployment configuration is done’
Deployment Type: Select ‘Deploy this archive or exploded directory as an application’

Now you will be asked where you would deploy the DRM API application to. Select Target:

Expand ‘FoundationServices’ 
Select ‘Partial configured servers in this cluster’
Select ‘FoundationServices0’

NOTE: It is acceptable to target the FoundationServices Cluster instead of an individual Server in the Cluster if there is a high-availability requirement for the application

Click ‘Next’

You will next be asked about Application Attributes. In our case, it is acceptable to keep the defaults and click Next:

Review the Deployment Settings, and click the ‘Deploy’ button on the upper-right

When successfully deployed, review the messages and click ‘Close’

Switch back to the WebLogic Administration web page and click the ‘Activate Changes’ button on the left

Follow instructions as required to ensure the changes are activated. In this case, no restart of FoundationServices0 was necessary.

In Enterprise Manager, ensure the status of oracle-epm-drm-webservices is green, active and OK

For testing, open a browser tab to your Foundation Services0 server’s URL, using the direct port 28080 like so:


It should return some XML code if running, similar to this:

In the next part of this series, we will set up the API’s SOAP webservice to handle requests.

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