Oracle Claus Delivers Presents Early

  • Date: December 19, 2019
  • Article by: Joe Malewicki

Well, it’s finally here.  After a prolonged wait, we’ve finally got an upgrade to on-premise EPM  Oracle dropped 11.2, the “last official on-premise release” on December 18, 2019.

As all of the EPM blog writers and reviewers on-line scramble to provide you the “latest and greatest information” (i.e. their day old opinions), You can find loads of accurate information from the Oracle official blog here.

With that said, here are some initial thoughts:

  • There is new support for the latest OS versions and DB versions, as expected. (Windows only for now)
  • There is a move to Java 1.8 for the EPM code, removing and/or alleviating a number of security risks.
  • The upgrade requires a net-new process, and no in-place upgrade is provided for.
  • LCM will be the tool de jour for migrating from into 11.2 (keep in mind the migration procedures were literally being written in the last few weeks so standby for changes/updates).
  • The following products have been sunset:
    • EPMA
    • IR and PR Reporting
    • Web Analysis
    • HFM Extended Analytics and Essbase Analytic Link
    • Disclosure Management
    • Hyperion Strategic Finance
    • Hyperion Planning modules (see the above Oracle blog for the whole list)

Our next steps at iArch Solutions will be installing the new product suite in a number of lab environments (OCI, Azure, AWS and GCP), across various combinations of the supported operating system and database versions.  Santa’s elves just finished one project, but this year we’ll be moving right on to another.  Stay tuned to this blog for more exciting 11.2 news.

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One thought on “Oracle Claus Delivers Presents Early

  1. There are a few glaring omissions from the support matrix:
    1. No Google Chrome support! (This was repeatedly mentioned, for the last year and a half)
    2. No mentioned support of Windows 2012R2 or Windows 2016, only Windows 2019
    3. No mentioned support of Oracle 18c or 19c, only explicitly up till 12.2.0.x
    I’m going to be tinkering with the install myself, but, I don’t have the highest of hopes, at this point. Hoping that they update their support matrix and correct some of these issues when they finally release the Unix version, hopefully with some updates to the Windows version, as well. I’m having flashback nightmares to the release from way back when. Hope I’m wrong 🙂

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