Technical Managed Services

Supplement Your Team with iArch Solutions’ Managed Services Experts

iArch Solutions’ technology consultants know what it takes to keep your IT environments and systems running at peak performance. Whether your environment is on premise, hosted or in the cloud, our Managed Services packages ensure your software and systems are working as expected and readily available.

Our iArch Solutions’ team augments your staff and becomes the primary technical point of contact. This allows your resources to focus on strategic objectives and leave the day-to-day business to us. In short, we become the owners of any system headaches, while you focus on the business.

Our offerings are extremely cost-effective. Consider that the experience needed to maintain your infrastructure requires a team of experts: 

  • A Database Administrator (DBA)
  • Operating System and/or Technical Administrator
  • Application Administrator or Subject Matter Expert (SME).

The above team alone could cost over $300,000 a year in salary and benefits. Depending on the application, the staff may need to be larger. On average, iArch Solutions saves our clients up to 80% annually with our individually tailored Managed Services packages. 

Managed Services Packages include the following:

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