Essbase Error (1024016): Request from user was terminated since it exceeded the time limit.

  • Date: November 10, 2013
  • Article by: Joe Malewicki

ISSUE: When running a query in Oracle Hyperion Smart View, the Essbase Excel-Addin, or any other Reporting and Analysis tools, the following error is returned after an extended period of time.  When this occurs, the user must close Microsoft Excel and then re-open and re-login to continue working.
Oracle Hyperion Smart View for Office, Fusion Edition
Essbase Error (1024016): Request [<some-report-name>] from user [<some-user@provider-name>] was terminated since it exceeded the time limit.
SOLUTION: In the ESSBASE.CFG file remove or modify the parameter for the QRYGOVEXECTIME to be a value greater than the time needed for the query to complete.  You must restart the Essbase server for the new setting to take effect.  In our example the user has the setting currently at QRYGOVEXECTIME 45 (45 seconds) and the Smart View query was unable to complete in that requested in that amount of time.
*** Note*** This setting can be configured as an Essbase server wide setting or can be configured for individual applications.
The ESSBASE.CFG file can be found on the Essbase server:
On a Microsoft Windows platform:
On a LinuxUnix platform:
/<your install location>/Oracle/Middleware/user_projects/epmsystem<#>/EssbaseServer/essbaseserver1/bin

  1. Shutdown the Essbase server service or process.
  2. Backup the current ESSBASE.CFG file.
  3. Comment out or modify the following parameter:
  4. Restart the Essbase server service or process.

APPLICABLE VERSIONS: 9.3.x, 11.1.1.x,,,,

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