EPM 11.2.1 Arrives

  • Date: April 6, 2020
  • Article by: Joe Malewicki

The new Oracle EPM 11.2 update has officially dropped and with it, a new support matrix.  The newest update, dubbed 11.2.1, covers support for some items that were points of concern for a lot of people in the initial December 2019 release.

Among the items addressed are:

  • Windows 2016 support is now included for the 11.2.1 update only 
  • Increased browser support: Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome are now supported

So, while it is good to see a patch/update already in the 11.2 code-line, the update still does not address a lot of ‘needs’ in the Oracle EPM suite.  The chief component lacking is support for a LINUX/UNIX OS and expanded SQL DB support.

Also, if this is your first time installing the suite, you may not even realize anything might have changed.  The online Oracle documentation references the following:

Note that files are listed on Oracle Software Delivery Cloud as (for example Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System – Part 1 but the downloaded ZIP files contain Release 11.2.1 files.

So, nothing seems to have changed with the installation/configuration process, and the Oracle EPM suite now has some expanded coverage for Windows OS and end-user browser configuration. 

Watch here closely for anything else we find on the new version, and for those folks awaiting a new UNIX/LINUX release, sit tight.

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