Education and Training

Technical Training to Empower Your Staff

The iArch Solutions Infrastructure team will transfer our in-depth knowledge to your team, helping build the confidence needed to support and maintain your technical/IT systems.

Our customized and engaging training session demonstrates how you can get the most out of your technical investment. What’s more, our sessions are always interactive, with opportunities for your team to get some hands-on experience.

This will be your Opportunity to Pick our brains…
We will ensure both your IT and Finance teams are equipped with the right set of skills to maintain a high performing and more stable environment.

We look forward to teaching your team to understand their complex systems. We’re happy to assist with training your staff no matter where your environment are located: on-premise, hosted or in the cloud. Contact iArch Solutions today to start building a training plan that works for you. 

Here are some of the topics and live “real-world” demonstrations we will cover during our session:

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