Financial Management (HFM) Performance Problems When Using SQL Server Database

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Is your Hyperion Financial Management System running “slow?”  That’s good, because now you have a chance to “catch it” and maybe speed it up!!  If you have more than one HFM application server running against a Microsoft SQL Server backend for your database, then please follow these steps to either fix the issue or confirm that this is not causing the…

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A simple problem that is hard to describe, but easy to fix.

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Problem: My Internet Explorer navigation windows open on top of each other! The links don’t cascade correctly! Why do my options open over each other? I don’t know how to describe this problem!! When logged into your workspace using Internet Explorer 9 or later, I sometimes encounter a problem where my second window link opens directly over my first. The hardest…

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Windows Data Execution Prevention

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ISSUE: Data Execution Prevention (DEP) is not currently enabled for essential Windows programs and services on all servers RISK: The primary benefit of DEP is that it helps prevent code execution from data pages, such as the default heap pages, various stack pages, and memory pool pages. Typically, code is not executed from the default heap and the stack. Hardware-enforced…

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