Oracle EPM 11.2 OHS Services
by Joe Malewicki | Tips and Tricks | No Comments

Oracle EPM 11.2 does not include the Oracle HTTP server (OHS) startup service we are used to seeing in prior version of the product. This requires us to be more hands-on when starting and stopping the EPM environment. Fortunately, if you use a services start/stop script, you can add commands to ensure the OHS processes […]

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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Tutorial Series: Creating an Oracle Cloud Free Tier Account

Whether you’re a small business owner, a home-gown independent software developer, my middle school aged on trying to make his own Minecraft server, a college student needing a new term paper topic or the CIO of a global fortune 100 enterprise, Oracle has made it simple for you to explore the full feature set of […]

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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Tutorial Series: Creating a SSH Key Pair on Mac OS X

SSH Key Pairs are required by most Cloud Infrastructure (Infrastructure as a Service) providers for use in authenticating the root or admin level users for various UNIX or Linux compute instances and compute shapes as well as for other IaaS provider management systems (i.e. Amazon Web Services – AWS LightSail, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure – OCI […]

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Reporting & Analysis Framework Fun
by Joe Malewicki | Best Practices, Tips and Tricks | No Comments

Sometimes the simple becomes complex, and you spend more time fixing the little things than expected.  Recently, a client was changing domain names in an 11.1.2.x environment, and issues were encountered with Reporting and Analysis Framework.  This issue will not pop-up in the new 11.2 versions, since Framework has gone the way of the Dodo.  […]

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Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cumulative Feature Overview
by Elysha Daly | Best Practices, Tips and Tricks | No Comments

Oracle has great tool to help you evaluate and compare different releases of Hyperion EPM. It covers releases back to 9.3.1 up to its newest release of Using this tool, you will be able to see the products that continue to be available and the ones that have been discontinued. For those products that […]

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Webinar Series – Find Your Path To The Cloud: Encore
by Joe Malewicki | Webinar | No Comments

Updated for 2020 with current insight and enterprise technology trending, please join our President and Certified Cloud Architect Joe Malewicki as he cracks open his award winning presentation “Find Your Path To The Cloud: Encore”. Joe will share more real world experiences and best practices to help you and your organization start (or improve) your […]

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Should you back up your EPM Development environment?
by Joe Malewicki | Uncategorized | No Comments

Taking regular backups of a Development Oracle EPM environment is a task many companies neglect to perform, yet is a critical step towards insuring the investment in time and money an EPM implementation requires. In a new Hyperion environment, we assume server and relational database backups are being taken, however we do find businesses in […]

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Azure and Oracle 12c and EPM 11.2.1….Oh My
by Joe Malewicki | Tips and Tricks | No Comments

So now that Oracle EPM 11.2.1 has been out for a while, most folks who were eagerly awaiting it have probably installed it, or at least installed components of it.  There are a lot of tips and tricks swirling throughout the interwebs, and I thought I’d add my own take.   So, I decided to do a […]

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April Oracle Security Alerts: HFM and FR
by Joe Malewicki | EPM Hyperion Technical Infrastructure Services | No Comments

Oracle’s April Critical Patch Update includes two new entries specifically for Oracle EPM.  In this case the two products are Hyperion Financial Management (HFM) and Oracle Financial Reporting (FR)  According to Oracle none of the issues (there are three different ones detailed below) are remotely exploitable, and aren’t rated as high as some previous […]

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Free Online Learning and Certifications for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle Autonomous Database
by Joe Malewicki | Certifications | No Comments

Just in case you haven’t heard this is an AMAZING opportunity to learn and if you’re interested, get certified – FOR FREE!!! Limited time from Oracle!!! Oracle Education is offering FREE Education and Certification for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle Autonomous Database. This free Education and Certification is available from March 30th 2020 to May […]

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