FDMEE Batch Scheduler–Why Did This Run Twice?
by Jeff Henkel | FDMEE, Oracle EPM 11.2 | No Comments

If you’re familiar with EPM and FDMEE, you know that you can schedule batches on load jobs, to add some automation into your data load process.  This has been a feature all the back through FDM Classic, and continues into the latest version in EPM 11.2.x. Recently, we had a client who uses a number […]

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11.2.6 – FR Repository quirk
by Mike Turner | Oracle EPM 11.2 | No Comments

I’ve put a few 11.2.6 install notches on my belt lately, and I have had a mix of success, and a few issues, but mostly on maintenance upgrades. I did find something last week that had me scratching my head for a minute. An issue I was troubleshooting caused me to start looking at the […]

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Getting the SmartView .MSI
by Jeff Henkel | SmartView | No Comments

In older versions of the SmartView Installer, the SmartView.msi used to be bundled as part of the .zip.  However, in newer versions you are presented with just the ReadMe, SmartView.exe and the Version.xml.   Older versions also used to write the .msi to a %temp% folder location and store it there.  But, the latest versions remove […]

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EPM 11.2.x FDMEE OHS Configuration Updates
by Jeff Henkel | FDMEE, Oracle EPM 11.2 | No Comments

In EPM 11.2.x, you may find that you see timeouts in batch jobs that still successfully complete, or you may find the browser returning http 503 errors when FDMEE jobs run long.   A look at the FDMEE Process Details log will reveal an error such as: HTTPError: HTTP Error 503: Service Unavailable When this happens, […]

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Oracle Releases EPM On-Premise version 11.2.6!
by Mike Turner | New Releases, Oracle EPM 11.2 | No Comments

Oracle dropped 11.2.6 this week and I’m working on a sandbox install but I wanted to get some quick highlights out for everyone.  We’re familiar with 11.2 updates by now, and this one is not any different, the release is both a  complete install package, and also a maintenance release for previous 11.2.x installs.  It’s […]

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FDMEE Migration – Less Than Ideal
by Jeff Henkel | FDMEE | No Comments

So, if you are familiar with the Oracle EPM Suite (Hyperion) you know that most products over the years have had issues with migration.  Any migration is usually accompanied by some headaches.  The suite provides LCM to migrate most content, HFM has various forms of copying data and metadata, and Essbase has both LCM and […]

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Oracle Critical Patch Update for July 2021
by Jeff Henkel | Patching | No Comments

Oracle has released the quarterly patch update for July, and this list includes a number of EPM related items.  Here is the full list of July patch items. First off the list are the usual suspects for WebLogic Server and Java: For EPM 11.2 customers, the details are as follows: For EPM 11.1.2.x customers (and thus running […]

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Where’s My Keys (Or Where Did I Place My WebLogic Admin Password)
by Jeff Henkel | WebLogic | No Comments

We’ve all been there, you are sure you saved the WebLogic Admin Console password in that file, or in the Vault, or it was on that sticky note under your keyboard.  Regardless of where you might keep these things, sometimes they get lost or misplaced. A common occurrence in the consulting world is inheriting an […]

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PSA HFM 11.2.4 and 11.2.5 SmartView Bug (BUG# 32692920)
by Jeff Henkel | Hyperion Financial Management, Oracle EPM 11.2 | No Comments

For those customers using Hyperion Financial Management who have upgraded recently, are in the process of upgrading, or are considering upgrading, this is a public service announcement. It has come to our attention here at iArch Solutions that there is a bug in the HFM SmartView connection for both 11.2.4 and 11.2.5 that renders Row […]

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11.2.5 Install – First Impressions

Last week Oracle dropped 11.2.5 on e-delivery and I gave a quick summary of what was found in the read me and promised to get back to you with a first impressions from an install. I’ve done the install now for two (2) scenarios: Clean 11.2.5 Install using SQL Server Apply Maintenance Patch to 11.2.4 […]

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