OCI Load balancer backend set session persistence when set to “Drain State”

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I recently took the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2019 Architect Associate exam. There was a question about Load Balancers and I only knew half the answer. I went back after the exam to search for the correct answer but had a really hard time finding it in any of the materials I had been using to study. This includes the videos…

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Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cumulative Feature Overview

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Oracle has great tool to help you evaluate and compare different releases of Hyperion EPM. It covers releases back to 9.3.1 up to its newest release of Using this tool, you will be able to see the products that continue to be available and the ones that have been discontinued. For those products that have not been discontinued the…

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What version of Oracle EPM/Hyperion am I running?

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When bad things happen and you have to start troubleshooting, it is important to know what version of software you are using.  Whether you or someone else is doing the work, knowing what version or even the patch level of your system, will be required.  Below we have listed a few programs and how to find their versions. Microsoft Excel…

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Financial Management (HFM) Performance Problems When Using SQL Server Database

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Is your Hyperion Financial Management System running “slow?”  That’s good, because now you have a chance to “catch it” and maybe speed it up!!  If you have more than one HFM application server running against a Microsoft SQL Server backend for your database, then please follow these steps to either fix the issue or confirm that this is not causing the…

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Essbase Studio Deployment Workaround

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When recently trying to deploy Essbase Studio, I ran into an issue where it would not create the Windows service because the password for the Windows Services install account contained one or more unacceptable characters. Here are the steps I performed to work around this issue. Start by re-launching the Configuration tool on the Essbase server.  This time be sure to choose…

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How To Create Microsoft Windows EPM/Hyperion Start and Stop Scripts

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People to tend to think that creating a master start/stop script, which can span multiple servers, is a difficult task.  Some Hyperion consulting firms out there even like to charge for such a beast.  They also try to convince you that you need to purchase their “specialized custom scripts” or “compiled start/stop programs” to do the job.  This just isn’t so!  Remember…

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How to use the Smart View Diagnostics tool

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The Smart View Diagnostic tool is an invaluable piece of your troubleshooting abilities.  It allows the end user the ability to easily gather the necessary technical information to assist in solving difficult Smart View issues which might arise.  Once the information is obtained, it can then be sent to Oracle Technical Support for further analysis and hopefully lead to quick response and solution….

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A simple problem that is hard to describe, but easy to fix.

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Problem: My Internet Explorer navigation windows open on top of each other! The links don’t cascade correctly! Why do my options open over each other? I don’t know how to describe this problem!! When logged into your workspace using Internet Explorer 9 or later, I sometimes encounter a problem where my second window link opens directly over my first. The hardest…

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Internet Explorer’s low default time out setting for obtaining data from Essbase

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Ever get the “request timed out” error message and there is not anyone available to help you fix it?  Read below and find a step by step guide on how you can adjust your settings and not slow down your uptime. ERROR: Oracle Smart View for Office The request timed out. Contact your Smart View client system administrator to extend…

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Your path to your OPatch inventory

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Ever wonder what patches have already been applied to a given server or Oracle EPM/Hyperion environment? The opatch.bat lsinventory command is a good place to start to answer this question. Newer versions of the Oracle EPM System may not require any switches in order to run the OPatch lsinventory command, but in older versions they are likely needed. How to…

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