Where’s My Keys (Or Where Did I Place My WebLogic Admin Password)

  • Date: June 16, 2021
  • Article by: Jeff Henkel

We’ve all been there, you are sure you saved the WebLogic Admin Console password in that file, or in the Vault, or it was on that sticky note under your keyboard.  Regardless of where you might keep these things, sometimes they get lost or misplaced.

A common occurrence in the consulting world is inheriting an environment someone else installed, and there are no good notes about what that password may be.  After exhausting all educated guesses, you could reset the password, and there are viable (though time-consuming and painful) steps here:  Oracle Support Document 1082299.1 (How to Change /Reset /Retrieve the WebLogic Server Administrator Password – All Versions)

Alternatively, you can use this new trick I learned to get the password using the WLST process.  The nice thing about this is you don’t even need anything to be running, you just need to know the location of a valid bootstrap.properties file.  Now the location of this file is different across versions of EPM (and especially Essbase 21c) but you can search for that on your Windows or LINUX server and it’s usually under the /server/product/security folder for the domain you have deployed.

Once you know where that file is, you run the following commands:

  1. CD or Navigate to domains/mydomain/bin in a Terminal or Windows Command Prompt
  2. Run the file to set the needed domain variables to run WLST:  ../setDomainEn.sh
  3. From the same Terminal or cmd prompt run:  java weblogic.WLST
  4. Then Run each of the following lines at the wlst prompt:
    • weblogic.security.internal import BootProperties
    • BootProperties.load(“/u01/Oracle/Middleware/user_projects/domains/essbase_domain/servers/AdminServer/data/nodemanager/boot.properties”, false)
    • prop = BootProperties.getBootProperties()
    • print “username: ” + prop.getOneClient()
    • print “password: ” + prop.getTwoClient()

Once you hit return on the last command above, you will get 2 outputs, the weblogic admin username and the weblogic admin password.  No need to reconfigure anything and an instant cure for that pesky amnesia.

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